Prices & Cancellation Policy

BL Class Prices

Email us to register for a trial class! Or pay for a drop-in 42-CHF.


60 minute class series:

1x Per Week, 10 weeks 380-
2x Per Week, 10 weeks 680-
3x Per Week, 10 weeks 1060-


*Special Class additions are priced accordingly.


60 minute Workshop:


120 minute Workshop




Private & Small Group Classes
Privates with Melanie, Jeanine or Sebestian:

150 CHF per hour




All classes are non-refundable. Once you sign up for a class, (via email, signing in at the studio or text, or any other form of notification) you are required to pay for the session requested.

Things happen!! 🙂 We love when you come to class, if you can’t make it…you have the OPTION to make-up the class…here is what needs to happen!!


1. To make-up a class you must give us 24 hours notice. (email, text or voicemail) 

2. Your classes must be made-up within the 10 week session. 

3. If you are going on vacation you must mark off the dates on our sign-in sheet at the studio, email or text us and you can come to other classes to make up any classes missed!!

4. Work obligations do not excuse you from class unless you provide 24 hours notice. 

5. If we do not hear from you and you do not come to class, the class can not be made-up.

6. IF you are LEGITIMATELY sick, email, text or call as soon as you can. We are reasonable. We want to you to never be sick but, if it happens we will work with you.


**We realize that we are the only studio offering make-up classes, we would like to keep it this way…Please respect our policy! Thank You!!!


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