Instructors & Descriptions


Melanie Schuler

Founder, Educator, Barre, Cardio Barre, Private Class Instructor

Our Founder Melanie is trained from both the Balanced Body Barre method from the #1 Pilates training in the USA and by Barre Concept, the only European certification. She is also a legacy Lululemon Ambassador for the Zurich Store. She designed our Barre Flow, cardio  and Cardio Fusion Classes.

Described by her friends as kind, compassionate, funny, focused and positive, in her class you will feel seen, motivated, powerful and loved. Melanie absolutely loves what she does and she has genuine love and compassion for her students. It is her goal that you leave her class, sweaty, empowered and excited to come back!

Melanie has been in the fitness industry since 2005, while in Graduate School at St. John’s College Annapolis, she simultaneously studied to become a Personal Trainer and that is where her fitness career began. She also taught group classes as a Spin instructor and lead and developed many interval/Circuit training style classes.

Her training style has always been focused on alignment and both physical and emotional balance. After further education as a Natural Health Practitioner (CNHP) through the Trinity school, Melanie was able to finally connect all of the dots that seemed to be missing along the way…and how some people were able to quickly reach their goals and others were not.

Since moving to Zurich in 2014, Melanie has built up a large student base and developed her own Barre program, Barre Flow, Cardio Barre and Cardio Fusion. She is very excited to continually expand the fitness industry in Zurich and share her knowledge, education and experience with everyone interested.

Melanie works with clients in a group and individual setting. Her training style focuses on thoughtful body weight movements, core conditioning, balance and stability. She has worked with clients of all ages and has been in love with her job since the very first session!


Sebestian Ong

Barre, Cardio Barre, Private Class Instructor

Described by his friends and colleagues as fun, energetic and kind, Sebestian brings his genuine love of people and teaching into every class. You will leave with a big smile on your face and a fully energized body.

Sebestian has many fitness certifications and has been teaching all over the world for years! We are very happy to have him on our team and he is excited to teach for us! Sebestian has been a Swiss National Presenter for Les Mills Dance Programs since 2012. He started in 2005 in Singapore and has taught in USA and Germany. Sebestian combines his background in dance and his love for fitness in his high intensity Barre classes.

Vanessa Stoessel

Yoga, Yoga Barre, Barre & Cardio Barre & Private Yoga Instructor

Described by her best friends as energetic, fun, easy-going, kind and constantly positive, she looks forward to inviting you into that happy, life-loving space which will boost your mood and relieve you of stress. With a calmer, clearer mind and heightened strength and flexibility, you will walk out of class with an extra bounce in your step.

Ever since she was young, Vanessa has always been drawn to rhythm, movement and dance. Upon discovering Yoga in her university years, it was a welcome form of movement that her body naturally adopted. After experiencing its physical, mental and emotional benefits she grew a desire to share the practice with others. She completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training course in Koh Phangan with It’s Yoga Thailand, a franchise of the American-based It’s Yoga in 2010. In 2016 in Singapore, she followed this up with a Prenatal, Postnatal and Yoga for Active Birth Teacher Training with Mindful Birth out of Australia.

 In 2017, she arrived in Zurich from Bangkok, Thailand where she spent the last 9 years working in the wellness hospitality industry. Joining the BodyLoveFitness family, she has added barre classes to her teaching repertoire and is excited to share her passion for movement with the community here. .

Outside of teaching, you can find Vanessa sweating through yoga, barre, and HIIT-style circuit training, drinking matcha latte’s over delightful conversation or traveling on a new adventure.

Kristina Wehrli

 Cardio Barre, Barre Instructor

Described by her friends as fun, friendly, focused, witty and strong; as a student in Kristina’s classes you will feel motivated, encouraged, energized and empowered. Kristina has a passion for fitness and it really shows when she teaches. Her classes are high energy in the most balanced way!

Kristina has been involved in sports and movement since she was young. Her physical awareness and understanding is a gift that she shares in a comprehensive way. Kristina is certified in our Barre training and has been teaching for our studio for nearly 2 years.  Kristina is also a new-ish mom and teaches our Mommy and Me classes, assisting mothers in their postpartum journey to reconnect to their bodies and find their core strength and balance.

Our class sizes are small, we plan to keep it that way. We have a 12 person per class limit. It is very important to us that you receive individual attention and guidance. Our instructors are trained to properly adjust your body and make sure you are working toward muscle balance. Our classes are scheduled for 10 weeks at a time in order to progress and improve as a group. We offer a true Savasana in all of our 60 minute classes. We believe taking a moment to stop all movement is just as important as movement itself. All of our 60 minute classes also include intermittent stretching and opening of the muscles being used. “You are only as strong as your is flexible.”



**open to all levels of fitness**

At Body Love fitness our Barre classes are a combination of standing Pilates, ballet positions and yoga. Our Founder, Melanie, designed this class for everyone! Her method takes all of the most beneficial movements from each discipline and combines them into a 60 minute workout, focusing on sculpting the arms, core and strengthening and toning the legs. Barre Flow is a unique movement that requires focus and builds balance, stability, strength and overall joy in the body. Email us to sign up for a trial class today! 



We are very excited to offer Cardio Barre classes in Zurich! This class is high energy, high calorie burning, muscle sculpting FUN!!! This class is for all levels!

This class has been designed to include the elements of a traditional Barre class with a completely different format. Cardio Barre is everything you love about barre class with a lot of extra sweat, heart beats and fat burning. Cardio Barre incorporates low impact, fast paced, body weight movements, balance, stability, stamina, laughing out loud and isolated core work.

**CARDIO BARRE lite is a less intense version of our Cardio Barre Class, still sweaty, fat burning and fun…for those of you wanting Cardio but, have not done any high intensity work for a long time or ever! 


We offer private lessons for all types of fitness.

Melanie offers personalized workouts in all formats to meet your needs or to establish better movement and body control.

Vanessa offers private Yoga lessons to help you build your individual practice or become more familiar with the positions and asanas of a class.

Sebestian offers privates for Barre class, personal training and other fusion formats.

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